It’s the middle of April of the year 2021 and I’d say I’m in a better place than I was last year. I feel like every few months, I learn more about what is important in my life and where to turn my attention to. I think I’ve been focusing too much of my time on things that made me feel worse about myself about a few months ago, but recently I found myself rediscovering old hobbies that I feel have been essential to my growth as both a human being and online persona.

For one, I have this website. I’ve been tinkering with things like this for as long as I’ve been using YouTube. Having a place to call my own outside social media sites feels right to me. Another thing, gaming has been a lot of fun. Although almost all gaming consoles I’ve owned are lost, stolen, sold, or left somewhere, I still have my PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 64. Also, I’m currently waiting for a PlayStation 2 to be delivered so I could play Dance Dance Revolution again. I’ve also been playing Fortnite with my girlfriend. She plays on her Switch Mini while I play on the main Switch on the TV. Our win rate is surprisingly high and she’s better than me!

As for other media consumption, I watched WWE almost all weekend and the past few days thanks to WrestleMania season. It was a entertaining and memorable two nights, and a time I will never forget. Wrestling has been great and I can only see a brighter future from here.

As for my channel, I still have a 15th Anniversary video I’d like to voice. I’d still also like to stream or upload some N64 and PS1 videos. For now, I really want to finish up the model animations, but everything else is slowly coming along and should be in full effect soon. I just set up a home wifi network about a month ago, so expect a lot more than now soon.

– JO

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