I want to try out this DDR-like game called Pump It Up Exceed. It was released in 2005 but I didn’t think much of it. Pump It Up is like DDR except instead of completely ripping it off (like In The Groove), the arrows on the dance mat point diagonally and there’s a jump button in the middle. It adds some variety and was something different… unlike some other games (like In The Groove).

Let’s turn the DDR dance mat 45 degrees! Brilliant!

Yesterday, I decided to consult the only gaming store I know that has a stash of really old PS2 and Xbox games, GameStop. Over the phone, a GameStop employee said they had a used copy of Pump It Up Exceed for the Xbox in stock without the dance mat. I then asked if they had the correct PiU dance mat available separately. They said yes. I asked if they were sure. They said yes. Again, I asked if they were really really sure. They said yes.

They didn’t.

Anyway, I was relieved I didn’t need to hassle buying Pump it Up online. Today, I bought Pump it Up Exceed WITH the dance mat at eBay. $6.99. Good price, right? But the shipping came out to $15.75. Online shopping is a ****. More on Pump it Up soon.

And yes, I own an Xbox 1… along with a NES, SNES, Genesis, and Virtual Boy… I’ll explain later.

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