“JO, no more innuendo videos. That’s old material. Move on and do something new. How many more ‘innuendos’ can you squeeze out of Banjo-Kazooie anyway?”

I couldn’t let that get away though. I get new subscribers or friend requests in my e-mail from YouTube and I actually take the time to look through their profiles. Mostly everyone has Rated E? favored on their playlist. My audience expects more of these. But how can I deliver?

I searched all over the internet for some “innuendos” I missed and even created a thread here at Spiral Mountain, back in June I think.

I’ve actually been working on this video from time to time. When I got bored editing Subliminal Stop n Swop or Cameos 2, I’d record a few clips for this vid. Well, it’s finally here. Hope you enjoy.

Bonus: Here’s a look at how the project files looks like when being edited:

PS: I didn’t add some innuendos that were mentioned here and some other forums. But they will be in a future vid.

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