As a gamer, there’s that certain event in your life that changes everything …. and that’s playing your first video-game. My first was Mario Kart 64. I visited my cousins house when I was about 6 years old. The only thought I remember was playing that Lava Donut Level on Battle Mode and dying. This was my first step into the realm of video-gaming.

The following Christmas, at 6 years old, I got Windows 95. I know it sounds crazy to get a computer at a young age but I didn’t ask for it. This was my first gaming machine.

The next Christmas, at 7 years old, I got a Nintendo 64. I didn’t ask for it because I thought it’ll get in the way of my school work. It did but who cares? It was fun! The games I got with it were Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario 64. The first game I tried was Diddy Kong Racing because I thought it was that cool cart game I played years ago. It wasn’t but I had a blast playing it. My first race was at Ancient Lake. I scored 8th place but I didn’t give up. I kept trying, and trying, and trying until I got 1st place.

A few months later I got Mario Kart 64. I loved that game. The joy of beating the Mushroom Cup by 1 point; the awesome soundtrack; the excitement I had with multiplayer; everything about this game was so memorable.

One day my family and I went to go visit a relative up North from where I lived. On the way I drew Mario Kart 64 pictures. When I came back, I found one 2 of my games were stolen. California Speed and Mario Kart 64. It crushed me. It felt so… unreal. I was never going to play California Speed or Mario Kart 64 ever again.

I could never find a copy at GameStop and online shopping is too pricey. The Wii’s Vitual Console is my only hope to play it again. For 1,000 Wii Points I can relive my past. I’ll be going to GameStop later today, buy some points, and have a great time… all over again.

Diddy Kong Racing DS is supposed to come out Feb. 5th, this Monday. I already reserved my copy. Hopefully it lives up from the N64 version…. RareWare nowadays…

Looking back… these were more than just video-games. They were far more special… I just can’t put my finger on it. They put you in your own little adventure. They had you keep on trying harder and harder just to make it to the next bonus level. Those Friday night video-game tournaments you held with your friends. Some games serve as ways to release stress or anger. Some are fun for the whole family. But all of these tie together into one meaning….. memories.

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