So, I got a spontaneous invite to Arizona yesterday. The plan was to pick up a friend that moved away a few years ago. He couldn’t get a ride from the bus so another friend of mine decided we should drive to Arizona and pick him up. So.. three of my friends and I went.

On the way, we passed by Glamis, also known as the Algodones Dunes, which is a popular party spot for locals as well as tourists up North. There is only one way to enjoy your time at Glamis, and that’s get drunk, ride your quad on the dunes, and possibly get in a wreck on your quad or on the ride back home. Some movies were filmed there, like some scenes in Star Wars and Stargate, but I can care less. It’s just a giant pile of sand to me.

Afterwards, we stopped on the side of the road. As I gazed up at the night sky, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful the stars were. Last time I’ve seen a sky so clear was during a 5th grade field trip to some Astro Camp. The cold weather chills were reminiscent for some reason.

When we got to the Arizona border, the border patrol thought it would be wise idea to stop us. I guess “picking up a friend” wasn’t a believable story. I was annoyed because I had to turn off my DS with N+ playing, remove my jacket / everything in my pockets, put my hands on my head, and have some fat cop frisk me for drugs. This was way worse than the Mormans that knocked on my door when I first bought my DS. As soon as the border patrol realized that was a giant waste of time, we were on our way again.

The city was an amazing sight. The building lights reflected on the lake below so beautifully. I’ve never seen so many street lights. I wish I took my camera.

Soon, we finally arrived at our friends house. Before we went on our destination back, my friend needed to receive his paycheck in order to get a bus ride back to Arizona. At his job, Safeway supermarket, the manager wasn’t available, so we decided just to kick it at his house for the night. In Safeway, I bought my first pack of Vanilla Cream Soda, which by the way, is now my favorite soda.

When we drove back to my friend’s house, failure ensued. He left his house keys inside the house because he thought we were going straight back to California and didn’t expect his manager not to be available. So… instead of just staying at a motel, we did the next best thing. We attempted to break into his house… and we were successful. First, we tried getting the back glass door open by moving it up with some clippers and a wooden plank but we were unsuccessful. Before giving up, we checked one of the back windows… and it was open. It was quite an experience.

Inside, we watched The Mist, a movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and Taken (I watched it last week and it was amazing).

We drove back to California and will go bowling/laser tagging tomorrow.

What a way to end the year.

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