My friend Dragon Kazooie (or just Dragon), found the perfect replacement for a TV Tuner card about 2 weeks ago called Dazzle. I looked it up and decided I should buy one. Last week, I set it up and things went well. There was no lag, sound worked perfectly, etc. The next day, I tried it again …and the sound didn’t work. This time, there was was sound but it was distorted/static. I reinstalled the software, drivers, etc. Same deal. I tried it at another computer and it worked fine. So, in conclusion, my PC sucks. Hopefully I’ll be able to solve this issue soon.

Some good news, I’m finishing up Subliminal Sequel. And again, a video that I thought was going to be short and simple turned into something bigger than I originally thought. It’s like, I never try to do a half assed job. If I find one pixel off, I’ll go back to the video project and edit it. Also, I’ll soon own a high-end video camera. I always wanted to do videos outside of video games (none of that vlog crap) but I never owned a good enough camera. Hopefully that doesn’t screw up.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as mentioned in my previous blog, is still one of my top-hyped games this year regardless of the recent delay. Japan will be getting Brawl in only 7 days. The final roster will finally be revealed and these “leakers” will finally be debunked… but that didn’t stop Nintendo from screwing up. On their Japanese Wii website, they accidentally leaked Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Ness as playable characters. Soon after the GameFAQs Brawl Message Board and the Smash World Forums exploded, the video revealing those characters was removed and replaced with it’s previous version. Just goes to show you even the guys at Nintendo can make mistakes.

I’ll also be getting Rock Band soon… for the Playstation 2. I’ll only be using the Drum Kit because it’s something new to me. Guitar has been done in Guitar Hero (Bass uses the Guitar Controller too so don’t start), and I’ve played Karaoke Revolution before.

More stuff on the way soon!

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