Site Update: New Pages & Theme Adjustments

Since bringing this website back, it’s been challenging transferring some features over because everything I did last year took about a month to complete, but I’m glad I have the opportunity to start from scratch again.

Playlists have been updated. I mistakenly didn’t display all playlists, but that’s now fixed. Categories and Tags had some slight adjustments from last time to fit with the current theme. Speaking of themes, you can switch from light to dark by clicking the moon icon on the bottom right corner. For actual content, downloads now have their own page, and GameShark codes are available as a text (.txt) file.

Related posts can be seen under blog entries with the only thing left to do is re-add pictures. Twitter and Instagram feeds are now visible on the right sidebar. Lastly, you can contact me with any further questions on our contact page or by using the email below.

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