So… I decided to download some demos at Xbox Live Marketplace. Some games I may get… some I may not. I also got a lot of new games, specifically, DS games.

Many DS Games: Ouendan, Ouendan 2, Phoenix Wright, New Super Mario Bros., Puzzle League, Trauma Center, WarioWare: Touched, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Kirby’s Canvas Curse, Phantom Hourglass, Tetris DS, Sonic Rush Adventure, Yoshi Island DS, and many more. I was too hooked with these games I forgot all about the internet which explains why I didn’t blog about this sooner.

Beautiful Katamari Demo: It plays a lot like the two previous PS2 games but that’s expected. It has the same wacky feel to it but I don’t think it justifies a $45 purchase. I have yet to complete the PS2 games myself, I only played them at a friends house, so I think the smart way to experience Katamari is buying one of the PS2 titles. They will be a cheaper price, and it’s basically the same thing.

Eternal Sonata Demo: It’s a fun RPG. The battling system feel a lot like Star Ocean except they gave it a more JRPG feel to it, aka, Time Based. It’s like Chrono Trigger’s battling system except you only have a certain amount of time to land an attack and you can control the characters in your party.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Demo: I don’t like it. This is coming from someone who has been buying WWE games since the N64 days. The genre is getting more boring and less exciting.

Crash of the Titans Demo: Meh.

Puzzle Fighter HD Demo: I played this game before and I liked it. I downloaded the demo and it’s really addicting. Seriously, this is the most fun I had with a puzzle game since … erm… Planet Puzzle League. Ok, that’s not long ago but it’s still really fun.

Every Extend Extra Extreme Demo: Hmmm… I thought I may like this game but it felt too… I don’t know. I guess the word is pointless. I didn’t find it as fun as I hyped it to be.

That’s it for now. I’m going to see if I can my hands on 2,000 MS Points for Puzzle Fighter and Boom Boom Rocket.

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