I’ve rarely been to GTA Legends in the past few of days. I finally decided to use Sony Vegas and I’m hooked on it! There are so many stuff you can do that you couldn’t normally do with Windows Movie Maker. And best of all, it doesn’t crash! I’m currently working on a Banjo-Kazooie video project called Banjo-Kazooie: Rated E? It’ll be a compliation of all sexual innuendos/subliminal messages found in the game.

I wrote my review for Diddy Kong Racing DS. If you like it, please recommend it.

I put up a new banner. Huge props to zankara of Deviantart for the artwork.

DDR Universe just shipped, Feb, 27th and should be here later today. It’s like 12:39 AM right now. I’m downloading the GRAW 2 multiplayer demo from XBL Marketplace to see how good it is. I didn’t like GRAW 1 so I might not like this one. I’ve seen the gameplay videos and they both look the same.

DDR Universe has some downloadable content. Each downloadable song is 100 ms points. WTH Konami?! What happenned to unlocking songs manually in-game? I guess you have to sqeeze every little penny out of your customers by retailing DDR Universe bundled w/ Dance Mat for $80. But that wasn’t enough. You had to force us to buy songs online to get the full experience of the game. There are 10 downloadable songs available, each for 100 MS points. You can save 20% by buying a the Song Pack for 800 MS points so I think the smart thing to do is to buy that… A 1600 points card is about $20 which should leave me broke after I buy the $80 bundle.

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