“What else is there to do?!” exclaimed the bored blue egg, engraved with a bold question mark. “Just sit here,” said the pink egg with the same mark. “Be cool. Just keep spinning in place and wait for someone to activate our cheat codes.” The blue egg started to spin slower. “Yeah, but…. what if no one enters the codes?” said the blue egg, worryingly. Pink stopped spinning and tilted it’s oval body closer to Blue. “Don’t you ever say that, Blue. Our cheat will be activated and we will be collected and used for fun. new. features!” The blue egg stammered. “Pink, I…” Before Blue could finish his sentence, Ice Key slid between them. “Stop n Swop that anger for some peace, Pink. And Blue, chill out, no need to be afraid of adorable little Pinky here! “Hey!” said the pink egg. Ice laughed and continued to bring peace between SnS items. “Now let’s just enjoy the day being dope af mystery items!” Out of nowhere, the Ice Key melts while laughing leaving both eggs to look at each other with utter confusion.

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