It’s been a while, wait no, a really long time since I uploaded a Banjo-Kazooie video and I apologize for that. School time has taken over good ol’ video editing and YouTube activity. Brawl was just released so that’s also keeping me away from the computer and answering my YouTube messages.

Anyway, Spring Break started last weel and I got little bored with Brawl so I continued working on Subliminal Sequel. It’s a 20+ minute long video so hopefully that makes up for the my long absense of Banjo-Kazooie videos. I’ve also replied to several YouTube messages so if you’re one of those people, sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you.

The idea of Subliminal Sequel came up a day after Subliminal Stop n Swop was uploaded. I began working on it sometime during late October. The script was finished on October 29th with some slight adjustments. Some obstacles came up afterwards, like my faulty TV tuner, so production came to a hault for that time being. I continued working on the video again sometime in late Janurary. I had no idea how long it would end up being so, again, I’m sorry for taking so long.

I’ll be posting more info about Subliminal Sequel at If you just watched the video and would like to know more about it, please go here. The page isn’t 100% complete seeing how I just finished the video so just keep checking back.

For my closing statement… thank you to those who stuck around. I put a lot of effort into this video and tried my best to make it 100% perfect.

…and that’s about it. I hope you enjoy(ed) the video.

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