Thank you for watching and keeping ThumbsUpMaster alive!

I feel like I’m mysterious to the viewers of my channel. My name is JO and I’ve been creating videos at YouTube over a decade. In 2005, I joined GameSpot as ThumbsUpMaster and led the GameSpot endorsed union, GTA Legends, and my GameSpot location for The Thumbs Up Club. In 2006, I created a YouTube channel to share videos to my friends at GameSpot. My most popular videos became my Banjo-Kazooie videos, and I was active in the Banjo community until the release of Nuts & Bolts in 2008.

From 2008 to now, I’ve constantly been moving to a new house every year. After living in three different houses with my family until 2012, I graduated college and moved to Maine with my girlfriend in 2013. We moved again at Maine in 2014 and moved back to California in September 2015. There were a lot of video projects I stopped working on because of time constraints.


  • I didn’t want Breegull Mail to have only one episode, so made three more episode. So far, I’m satisfied for what I’ve done with it and I’m excited to bring in new ideas this year. 
  • Custom levels are ideas that haven’t been put in Banjo’s Backpack yet but they aren’t a priority for me at the moment, but I would like to make more this year.
  • Grunty Voices received more views than I thought it was going to get, so I made Banjo’s and Kazooie’s to kick off the year. They are doing a lot better than my two Jump Trick videos.
  • I have quite a few Xbox One DVR clips I might make into a compilation of some sort soon. 


  • Breegull Mail 5 and on.
  • I’m now partnered with BBTV. 

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