June 12th… the last day of my Junior year. Summer vacation started. To be honest, I wasn’t as excited as all the other years when school was over. Before, it felt like the ending of the last chapter in a really long book. Once the final chapter of that school year ended, I’d begin a new story, per se, after my 2.5 month vacation ended. This year is feels different. This year, the book didn’t feel finished. Maybe I haven’t found that one thing to fully complete this “chapter”. I’m not sure what, yet…

The day before June 12th, June 11th, my school’s Tech Club had a Super Smash Bros Brawl and Guitar Hero 3 tournament, as stated in my previous blog. I managed to film some parts and make a slightly humorous video of it.

I would also like to announce a new Banjo series ov videos called “Banjo-Shorties.” They won’t have the “epic” feeling of Subliminal Sequel if you were expecting any more battles with floating words and Dr. Phil heads. Banjo-Shorties will be “short” videos that revolve around the life of Banjo and Kazooie. They have no consistent story line and the plots have no relation to the Subliminal Series. Every plot will be random or about something or some group of people I feel like making fun of.

The first episode is about Banjo and Kazooie’s different opinions on Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Watch here.

I’d also like to say I never wrote a video blog advertising this video on the day it was released, yet, at this moment, I have 6 honors. Awesome.

Also, if you upload video-game related videos at YouTube like myself, you’d be pleased to know that, after 2 years, YouTube brought back a category specifically for video-games! Video-game videos are now listed under “Gaming.” Woohoo!

Here’s the evolution of video-game categories for those who haven’t been browsing YouTube since 2005. *ahem*

Video Games > Gadgets & Games > Entertainment or Technology > Gaming

….YouTube has finally redeemed itself. Rejoice!

Enough about YouTube. It rocks now, yeah, ok. Moving on.

And in the non-YouTube Gaming department.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Completed on the 24th. “Oh my god! Plot twist!” 4th case.

I might make a blog about how much I like the Ace Attorney series it on a later date. In the meantime, I’m going to continue playing Hotel Dusk, Patapon, Ouendan 1 & 2, Super Mario Galaxy, and Professor Layton… I do wish I had another Ace Attorney game at my side though.

On Friday, June 14th, the Tech Club… well… more like me and my friends who happen to be in the Tech Club filmed the Senior’s graduation. We had 4 cameras surrounding the field, and in groups of 2 or 3, we were split up to man each station. On the top of the roof of the highest watch box peering at everyone down below was quite a sight. Just the thought of in just one year, I’d also be down there with a blue gown receiving a diploma in front of hundreds of people as my high school days come to an end gave me goosebumps.

Anyway, I’m going to be editing those recorded videos for school or something.

That’s about it… and I could be getting 1,000 subscribers soon. Expect an “OMG” blog following this one.

QUICK EDIT: My internet connection cut out before I could submit this blog. During that time, I made it to 1,000 subscribers. Expect a blog directly after this.

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