Well… where do I start?

First I’d like to say, like many other people have weeped about, Summer Vacation is now officially over, for me anyway. No more late night sessions of root beer and chatting with Luke and Kowbrainz. Maybe on the weekends but not for weekdays. All day video editing sessions will now be replaced with Math and English homework.

The first day of school also marked the first night at my new house. I will no longer be walking to the house I grew up in. The room where I first played my N64 in will never be revisited. The room where I first laid my hand on a computer mouse and keyboard won’t be revisited. The house where I took my first step, where I edited every single one of my videos, where I met new friends, and everything I have experienced throughout my life won’t be in the same place anymore. Now, I feel…empty. It feels like a piece inside of me is lost.

Heh, like what all the people say, That’s Life. Right? Thanks, Sinatra. Someday we’re all going to leave. We’ll eventually leave to a college, a university, or we might even start supporting a family and eventually become uninterested of the internet and leave. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to deal with it. So, like I said many times before, don’t take this experience for granted.

While packing my stuff, I went through my old things I had as a child. I used to draw. I loved drawing dinosaurs, planets and the universe, different countries, and monsters. I guess you can say I was imaginative. I was also very knowledgeable at a young age. I used to know every Dinosaur name, yes every Dinosaur. No joke. So, I knew the difference between a Triceratops to a Torosaurus. I knew every planet in the Solar System and state in the USA.

I also wrote stories like “The Little Red Hen and the Dinosaur”. It was, believe or not, a parody of the original “Little Red Hen” short story. The original story told a hen making bread and the other farm animals not helping her. So at the end of the story, the Hen ate the bread while the other animals cried because they didn’t get a slice for not helping the hen out. Well, in my story, the farm animals were replaced with a Dinosaur and when the Hen refused to give the Dinosaur a slice of bread, the Dinosaur ate the Hen.


Yeah…. I was weird…. and still am.

Then I was introduced with video-games so I started drawing video-game characters like Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu, Banjo, and Crono. That hobby was soon forgotten for whatever reason, I’m not sure how.

Anyway, that was what I remembered when I was packing.

Shifting gears…

Here is a list of what I accomplished during the summer:

Subliminal Stop n Swop: Critically acclaimed as my most hilarious video yet.

GTA Legends Recruitment Video: A video that was planned June of 2006, now with better video editing technology, it’s vision last year became as planned.

Spiral Mountain Radio: A cool new feature LerakoLanche brought up to help bring the community together.

Banjo-Kazooie 300: A parody of the popular movie, 300. Sad how the only bad comments came from Spiral Mountain.

TTUC’s Official Website: If you hadn’t figured out yet, I have this website up thanks to Goombs for all the FTP and PHP technical stuff. I haven’t updated it yet due to lack of internet access but I will ASAP.

I have this section up called TTUC Interviews. So far I only have one for Subliminal Stop n Swop but it will be extended in the future.

Stop n Swop Theory: I intended to make this last year but was canceled for a short time due to not wanting to get into more Stop n Swop controversy. I had this theory for a while now, like a good year and a half, and now it’s out in the public. This is merely a theory, without the use of hacking, but by using facts given to me. And since I’m not claiming it as a fact, you can’t “own” me if I’m wrong.

Banjo-Kazooie Cameos – Part 2: This video should have been uploaded days ago but I was forced to pack all my belongings to my new place so it was delayed… but still finished. Anyway, it’s all good and uploaded now.

Music: I found a liking in Queen, Billy Joel, and many other bands/singers/songs. I listed to a total of 4324 tracks from the first week of summer vacation to it’s end.

The song summary of my Summer… I’d pick Down To My Last by Alter Bridge.

It’s a tribute to the people who stood next to them but doesn’t credit those who stood against them. The people who stood next to them taught him love but he doesn’t feel that he’s the right person to see the positive effects it can have.

The Nintendo Summer: … that kinda failed but was accomplished at the same time. I bought a lot of new Wii games like Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, and Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, I had a wee bit of a problem. My Wii constantly broke when I received it back from Nintendo. I finally got a working Wii JUST IN TIME FOR SCHOOL. And I also got something for my DS that I was hoping to get for a while now.

I’ll never forget the forums, GameSpot, Spiral Mountain, YouTube, the rick rolls, the sabretooth tigers, the late night Smash Updates, the SSBB Gamefaqs message board, the lolcats, Smiley Fun, Who’s Online chat, Jolly’s Bar, editing Subliminal Stop n Swop, the chicken tv dinners, sleeping in, chatting on MSN… everything was awesome.

Thank you.

One problem I have right now is I won’t have internet for another week. I’m blogging at another computer right now. I will still be able to get videos finished but it will be a hassle burning them to a CD so bear with me! With lack of internet, I also won’t be online as much. Just a few his here, wassups there, etc. I need to focus more on school anyway.

School’s such a time waster…

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