Summer Vacation Has Officially Started!


Finally… STRESS FREE! … or am I?

Yes, school has officially ended for me. I have the rest of these 9 weeks to myself. No homework. No tests. No distractions. Nothing.

I hope to get my Wii repaired or exchange it for a new one. I have yet to call Nintendo but I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. I still want to play RE4 Wii Edition. Naming some games already released, I really want to play Mario Party 8, Super Paper Mario, Big Brain Academy (hey, this looks fun!), Manhunt 2 (because I’m evil), and maybe a fighting game like DBZ or Mortal Kombat. So the rest of this year is going to be all about Nintendo except for titles like GTA IV, Blue Dragon, Assassins Creed, and Soul Calibur IV (hopefully this is better than SC3). There is one big problem.. I won’t have enough cash. I currently have $160. I’m thinking of buying a digital camera and film myself doing random things around my town and upload ’em to YouTube.

And that pretty much covers everything I have to say. Now to get working on some videos!

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