I’m not much of a “blogger” anymore. When something “bloggable” occurs, I’m too caught up in the moment to even worry about “blogging” about it. Then, finally after a few weeks, or maybe even a month, I find the time or inspiration to write about what I intended to blog about before. And it usually ends up being clustered with more than 1 topic. So, I decided to take my blogs a bit more slowly. In this blog, I will write about the second half of June, or what I did after Graduation (at least the stuff I’m able to talk about on the internet ;)).

Plants vs Zombies is amazing. Although it isn’t the most challenging games out there, Plants vs Zombies manages to be really addictive with replay value that will make me come back to play a month later and still be satisfied for the amount of fun it provides. Not only is PvZ one of the best PC games I’ve played, it’s also one of the funniest games I played, from the descriptions in the Almanac to the ending theme. At only $10, buying this game is a steal. I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys having fun.

I had to make the most of this vacation so later that month, I went on a shopping spree. I bought a 1 Terabyte External Hard drive. It helped me preserve all the crap I had on my computer for future references and it also saved me the horror of, one day, losing all my data on my main hard drive.. I don’t want to relive that nightmare again.

I also bought, one of the best games to brace the Xbox 360, Blazblue: Calamaty Trigger. Ok, maybe I’m overrating it just a little bit but that doesn’t change the fact that I love this game. I love the fighting mechanics. I love the hand drawn sprites. I love the character personalities. I love playing online… I love… etc. A few days after playing, I wanted to see how Street Fighter IV would weigh in with Blazblue. Intending to grab my SF4 disc, I accidentally grabbed my BlazBlue disc. I think that said a lot. If you also own this game, feel free to send a friend request over Xbox Live. I’m currently trying to become better with Taokaka. Did I mention I love this game?

Those were the highlights of June. It was a very confined month (it sorta sucks when you don’t have your driver’s license yet). It just consisted of me, an Xbox controller, and a computer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since I had an amazing time but July is when this vacation hit it’s peak.

I hope you all are having a memorable summer,

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