Thank You, YouTube (The Life of a YouTuber)

I’ll start out with my introduction to YouTube. I was trying to find a way to add videos on my MySpace profile and YouTube was the only website that I knew of that allowed embedded videos. This was around Sep. – Nov. of 2005. I wanted to save a video to my favorites but I had to sign up. So I did.

January 28th 2006 was when I uploaded my first video, which was for a joke at my union. YouTube was a small community at that time. I got all excited when I got about 20 views. I even IMed my friends. Yes. That excited.

Around March-ish of 2006, I discovered Windows Movie Maker. Curse that program. My friend Rooster and I were first introduced to Cheat Exploits for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP. With it, you can screw around with the game like Peds follow you, infinite health, infinite weapons, etc. There was also this cheat were you can record the game and save it as a gif. We made a few clips (mostly Rooster) and created a GTA music video called GTA Unlimited. We created a 2 part video. Part 3 got canned. GTA LCS Unlimited was the first video I’ve made with Windows Movie Maker.

I uploaded them to Putfile, which was my “YouTube” before I discovered YouTube. We promoted GTA Legends with ’em. Later I decided to upload them to my YouTube account, but the quality was all crappy so I removed them and stuck to Putfile.

From there I started doing school projects like “What else can you use a Plunger for?”, “Poseidon”, and “Romeo and Juliet: Act 1.” I’ve never uploaded those to the internet. I can’t now because I formatted losing all my files. All those videos I made: best in the class. I was a amateur at the time so these got me motivated to make more videos.

So one day I was browsing Putfile when I came across this video. Look familiar? I created the same video and uploaded it to YouTube, May 27th, 2006, just after finding out about that Putfile video. Let me also add that this was around the time YouTube was taking over the internet as the video site of the web.

August 03, 2006, a YouTube user named LerakoLanche informed me that Banjo Tooie Terrydactyland got over 17,142 hits after being posted on the website, I-Am-Bored. You can just picture my reaction after reading that. This was the motivation I needed. This was the beginning of “the era of awesomeness.”

I started using Windows Movie Maker again. This time, for a 6 minute video called “Jolly’s Juice” which explains some sexual innuendo found in Banjo-Tooie. I admit, that video was a total disaster but I believe it started something “different” in the Banjo-Kazooie community at YouTube.

I believe it inspired many BK fans at YouTube. This was the first “text on video” about the Banjo-Kazooie series. (thanks to Noweb_basic for the inspiration!). This video soon followed up videos like LerakoLanche’s Mysteries of Jolly Roger’s Lagoon, Mini-Mysteries, and many others. Just look for text clues like “This here is…”, “What we have here…”, “We’re gonna take a little trip to…”, etc.

But I came to realize something around that time. Why was I doing this? It wasn’t about how many subscribers I had. It wasn’t about how many views I had. It wasn’t about which video got featured or not. It was about people. It was about the community.

I loved being around people that shared the same thoughts as me, shared the same love for the a video-game series. Everything felt positive. And because of that, I decided to hone my video skills a bit more. To improve upon myself as a “YouTuber.”

Summer was a great year for YouTube. I got about 9 videos in. YouTube was growing. YouTube was being noticed. More and more people started to join.

Then school came. I hardly got any new material in. I helped a few users here and there but I think it’s best to leave those parts out. I made sure ThumbsUpMaster was still an active user by uploading 2 popular cut-scenes in Banjo-Kazooie, which were never uploaded before.

Wanna find a video? Go on YouTube. Music videos? Go on YouTube. Animes? Go on YouTube. Video-game cut-scenes? Go on YouTube. YouTube was (and still) the place to be.

Well… time sure flies. It’s a new year now. I’ve been a member for over a year. Things went smoothly. Subscribers were subscribing, viewers were viewing, and like I said before, YouTube was the website to be at. But, like everything, fame and popularity can’t last forever…

A website was created called A lot of YouTube veterans started to leave YouTube and promote the LiveVideo website. Renetto was one of the few that didn’t leave. He sparked up controversy with a video entitled “Traitors or Not?” After a few video responses after video responses, this YouTube vs LiveVideo “war” started.

Numerous users from the LiveVideo community are posting these “hater” videos against YouTube and against one specific YouTube user, Renetto. For them, Renetto has become the center of amusement. This puppet thing, some smiley face, and Blaze376 are attacking YouTube from all angles.

In my opinion, LiveVideo has way better video quality than YouTube. I’d love to host my videos at that website. Just one problem…. and that’s the LiveVideo community.

Maybe if LiveVideo can cut down on the anti-YouTube videos a bit, I would host my videos there. But I guess not. I’m gonna estimate, about 20% of the videos at that website have to deal with Renetto or YouTube in one way or another. I don’t see any of that at Putfile or Metacafe. Why not? Because, we, the “normal” internet video viewers that don’t care about internet fame don’t give a crap about what some Puppet says or what some Smiley face says. We don’t care about what Renetto thinks. We only care about one thing, and one thing only. The (non-dramtic, youtube live video war) videos. People are forgetting what makes these websites. It wasn’t some puppet or smiley face as far as I know.

But the question is, why does the LiveVideo community care about this “war” so much? I have my own theory about this situation. You only taunt who you think is a threat. What I’m trying to say is, the only reason why the LiveVideo community are hosting these anti-YouTube videos is because they want the people of YouTube to join their site. It’s all manipulation.

Ok, maybe I’m just assuming, but it’s kinda obvious. Ask yourself, why else would LiveVideo host those anti-YouTube videos but not Google Video, Metacafe, Vidlife, or Putfile?

As far as I’m concerned, LiveVideo can make all the anti-YouTube LOL Renetto videos they want. I simply hate the community. If your a “LiveVidian”, remember this. It’s the community that makes the website, the videos are just an attraction. If a new user goes to LiveVideo, they’re not going to understand any of those anti-YouTube videos. They’ll simply turn their head and go to another video site. May it be Putfile, Metacafe, or even YouTube, any other site is better than what LiveVideo has to offer.

YouTube was the website that made me what I am today. And for that, I give my thanks.

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