Hey, I just found out my good friend Sprmpr came across this blog a few days ago. Sup, man? Anyway…

For those of you who care, TheThumbsUpClub.com is currently on a temporary hiatus. Reason: I didn’t renew another year package… I hardly did anything with the site anyway. It was a fun experience learning different HTML tricks but at the moment, I don’t have the desire to renew another year. Maybe I will sometime again in the future. This Blogspot will suffice for now.

I ordered 4 books from Amazon… Safe House, Sanctuary, and Missing You of the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series by Meg Cabot (hey… it’s an interesting story, ok?) and Vol. 1 of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Official Casebook manga series (English translated, obviously…). So far, I only received Safe House and Sanctuary. They really help when I’m super bored of the internet and school…

The new Xbox 360 dashboard update, the “New Xbox Experience” (NXE) is OKAY. I didn’t care much about the old dashboard and I find it amusing now that some people miss it so much. The old dashboard was sluggish as hell. Sure, the new navigation takes some time to get used to but there are some redeemable factors like being able to save games to your HD and party chats.

The avatars are meh. Just like the Miis on the Wii. Meh. I try to make my best out of them.

And speaking of trying to make the best out of things, I attempted at making another Phoenix Wright background for the Xbox 360. The previous one, unfortunately, got stretched, so I was forced to create a new background for this NXE update.

Watch it in action here.

Oh yeah, my Xbox 360 finally died out. Figures. The towel trick doesn’t work anymore. Oh well. I’m using another Xbox 360 for the time being and hopefully I find the will to call tech support and send my 360 in.

Also… Chrono Trigger DS soon… pre-ordered… hope I get bonus offer…

Two tracks… but who the hell cares?! I NEED IT!!!

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