The Blue Chicken and Brawl

Last Saturday is, without a doubt, one of my highlights for this year. GameStop was hosting a midnight launch for Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which is technically Sunday) and a Brawl tournament. It was to start at 9:30 pm so my friends and I decided to kill time at our county’s local fair. It was pretty crappy… except when we met a giant blue chicken. Somehow, this chicken had evolved to being able to communicate with human beings by body movements. Really amazing. And also really friendly. Good thing I managed to record a video of this momentous occasion.

He will forever be in our memories.

Eventually, it was finally time for the tournament sign ups at GameStop. I thought I’d give it a shot so I signed up. Before the battle though, the employees were having a hard time setting up Brawl on their wide screen tv, and the people staring at awe at the tv screen smelled funny, so my friends and I decided to play some Super Mario Galaxy at the other end of the room on GameStop’s Wii Kiosk. Before I could get to a dome, another GameStop employee asks me to stop playing for a bit and put’s in (what he thinks) is a demo version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It wasn’t a demo, btw.

He finally got the kiosk set up and I played my first match of Brawl, Zelda vs a lv5 Link. The Wiimote+Nunchuck controls were awkward and hard to get used to but whatever. So, while I was peacefully playing Brawl, everyone else were on the other side of the room, bunched up like sardines trying to get at least 1 glimpse of Brawl godliness, and my friends and I were playing versus matches at the other side of the room. When the other people finally caught on, they came over to our spot. One kid even called his friends. In order to prevent this madness, my friend told everyone I was the manager’s brother and I couldn’t let anyone else play and if I do, I get in trouble. I played along with it and acted professional by telling everyone the control layout and whatever. Soon, I felt sad for some little kid so I let him try, and eventually everyone started playing, so I backed off for a while.

I won the first round of the store tournament against Peach but lost the second round against Fox, both on Final Destination. The lines started like around 11 pm but people didn’t get there ’till about 12 (go figure). I got in line like at about 11:45 and played Phoenix Wright: Justice for All while I waited.

Got Brawl, went home, played for about 5 hours, went to sleep. What a great day…

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