The Chronobus Is Still Rollin’

First of all, I’m really hyped up for Chrono Trigger DS, as expected. Square confirmed there will be a new dungeon (I wonder how that will fit in with the storyline), wireless play (I’m guessing some cooperative type thing will come into play with 3 different people fighting simultaneously), and it will use the DS stylus controls, obviously. I’m interested in how Square will pull all this off. Square also confirmed there will not be any graphical upgrades like the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest DS remakes, which sounded lame at first, but then again, graphics don’t make the game. I first played Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo) after playing games like Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Banjo-Kazooie and yet I still found it a lot more fun than any of the N64 games I owned. Please note I was about 8-9 years old and didn’t have a bias fanboy attitude like some of you have today. Some people say the “Chronobus still remains parked” since this is a remake. I say the Chronobus has always been rolling in the hearts of all long-time Chrono Trigger fans.

A couple days ago, YouTube user “lupaie” contacted me. He asked if I was interested in helping him out with a promotion video for some Rare fan-sites. I have a lot of other videos I’m working on right now, but since this video is only about 45 seconds, I accepted to help. I’ll be helping with the script and some text bubble edits.

Also yesterday, I added all 2007 blogs to my BlogSpot (finally!) and will go on to adding all 2006 blogs and my BlogSpot will finally be complete! I also finished recording SM Radio. It won’t take as long to finish as the other two since there wasn’t as much long pauses for me to edit out or as many slip ups people didn’t want other people to hear. Ugh, hated those.

Today, I’m going to the movies to watch Hancock. Some movie review sites say Hancock sucks… and if it does… at least the movie theater has a DDR machine.

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