I’ve been keeping track of Beta.GameSpot.com, the public beta of GameSpot’s newest site design, for some time now, watching everything gradually change, and waiting for the moment it’s eventually released. A few weeks later, GameSpot Wide was finally released on August 14th, 2008.

I can’t really say if I like the new look or not. Nothing has been removed and nothing new has been added. All the features are still here and I’m still typing with the same terrible WYSIWYG editor.

GameSpot Wide definitely has a better presentation than 2005’s redesign, though. The redesign in 2005 was very buggy… well, at least the forums were. Some of you may remember… the blank page bug, images disappearing, hyperlinks unlinked… it was a nightmare. It was so bad, GameSpot was given the nickname “GlitchSpot.” You would have thought the forums would be bug free after a month+ long absence.

This time, the designers at GameSpot managed to change the look but completely ignore the forums (as expected) thus avoiding any possible forum bugs or glitches. I kinda wish GameSpot does do something with the unions though, without making us deal with any forum shutdowns or annoying forum bugs.

My final thoughts… GameSpot Wide isn’t a huge improvement and it looks like something I can get used to. Personally, I still prefer the good ol’ blue layout when I first joined.

But as Godot from Phoenix Wright would say…

The world, you see, keeps turning, and we must turn with it…

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