Last Friday, the conclusion to my favorite flash animation series, There She Is!! by Amalloc of Sambakza, was released.

I first discovered There She Is!! one late July 2006 night while browsing the Flash Portal at Newgrounds. Step’s 1 and 2 were the only episodes released at the time. After watching them both, I immediately fell in love with them. The editing with the music was fantastic. The characters had so much spark. And best of all, they made me laugh. I even have a cat whom I named after the one of the main characters in the series.

Soon, I found out about Hot Fish, a series Amalloc discontinued due to legal issues. Only the opening animation was released but later removed. I soon found it embedded at a fan site. The message was very deep and might have been the inspiration on how I view life today. Just watching it again is like a flood of nostalgia.

It would be about two years later, the long awaited There She Is!! – Step 3 was released. It was the first episode in the series that ended with sort of a cliffhanger and an opening for Step 4. There She Is!! – Step 4 was released a few months later with a different approach in the series. Unlike the energetic upbeat and silliness of the first 3 episodes, the ambiance was very dark and depressing. Though, I still loved them and showed off my fanboyism with MSN and this blog.

There She Is!! – The Final Step was released last Saturday at Korea (Friday where I live). I came home during lunch just to watch it and it was well worth it. Amalloc ended the series in such an awesome way.

Thank you Amalloc/Sambakza for There She Is!!. I salute you… and thanks for the memories. I look forward to whatever you have store in the future.

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