The History of My User-Names

Early internet years: Well I wouldn’t call this “internet years” since I didn’t have any access to the internet besides my public library that was a block away. I had AOL dial-up here and there though. I remember posting at some Banjo-Kazooie forum. I helped out somebody find Mumbo’s Hut in Witchyworld, going off-topic, and talking about Dragonball Z. This was my first introduction to an internet forum. My username might have been the one associated with my mom’s e-mail address because I can’t remember what it was.

For laughs, I went on this website called Supercheats where people posted fake Super Smash Bros. cheats like how to get Goku and Raichu. I was also a huge Gameshark fanatic. I tried different cheats in Super Mario 64 just to see what’ll happen. When I first pressed L to levitate in Ocarina of Time, my jaw dropped in awe. One of my old friends and I went to each others houses and played SM64, OoT, BK, and, BT and we rented games like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, and Megaman 64. This was also around the time I found out about the Banjo-Kazooie sandcastle cheats at the Rare Witch Project.

2003-2004: I was still using Windows 95. I used my mom’s e-mail address as a display name, still using those cheap AOL Dial-up frisbees you get in the mail (yeah…I know… -_-). It was my only way of accessing the Internet at the time.

I was a huge WWE fan. This was back when the “Evolution” faction was created. My favorite wrestlers at the time were Edge (who was recovering from an injured neck), Goldberg, Rob Van Dam, The Hurricane, and Rosey. I mostly used the Internet for Video Game cheats and WWE Rumors. Dial up sucked so I was mostly at the library. I was hardly on the Internet though. I was mostly playing with my GameCube or PS2. And why did I type these paragraphs if they don’t talk about user-names? Well, they will help support the paragraphs below. Just keep reading.

2005: I thought of the name “JO” in my Junior High School History **** I was thinking of different ways to write my initials. I came up with the line on top of “J” connected with the end of “O”. It wasn’t until then I realized they spelt out a short cooler version of “Joe.” So for every high score board, user names in games, etc, I use “JO”. It then caught on to my friends and family. Whenever I said “Call me JO”, they always replied back “Why JO?”. I always replied back “because they’re my initials.” Before I thought of “JO”, I used J(middle initial)O for games like Diddy Kong Racing, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The Thumbs Up Club or TTUC also came from my History ****(yes, it was that boring). My friend and I were having a discussion about different made-up club initials. The first one I made up was the C.A.U.A.B.A. or Canadians Are Useless and Boring Association. I always proved smart asses wrong when they said you can’t use “and” in company initials by saying some don’t add them because they’re easier for the public to recognize and it’s a matter of choice if you want to use “and” or not because it doesn’t matter if you don’t. I had a Canadian teacher for Engineering so it was entertaining.

Anyway, our History teacher brought up these initials that would have spelt out “ASS” but he didn’t as the second “S”. Everyone didn’t buy it except me. I told my friend next to me, she didn’t notice that either, and we laughed. “TTUC” (short for The Thumbs Up Club) was born when were were trying to think of funny initials for company names. TTUC = **** You See. It stuck ever since and we enlisted all our friends into TTUC. JO was the President or “The Master of Thumbs Ups”.

But why thumbs ups? It all started a year prior to “TTUC”, circa 2004. I had a really great friend, probably my best friend. He always used *thumbs ups* in almost every conversation that it soon caught onto me. It’s like how you hang out with a friend a lot and you start to use the words they use, in this case, it was a hand gesture or a thumbs up. I always invited him over and we played Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Pokemon Coliseum for Gamecube. He later moved away but the *thumbs up* still stayed in tack with me.

It wasn’t until April I got MSN Dial-up. I created a user-name that wasn’t my mother’s this time. My first e-mail address was, inspired from the term used for Edge fans in the WWE and JO being my initials.

I was discovering new things on the Internet. One thing that caught my interest were MSN Spaces and MSN Groups. I created a MSN Group called The Thumbs Up Club with the nickname “The Master of Thumbs Ups”. I invited all my friends on my MSN contact list but they weren’t much into this Internet community thing as much as I was. Me and my friend, Rooster, messed around with MSN White-board, Badass Buddy Icons, and he created a MSN Group called DaDisastrous Rooster (back when he liked Dance Dance Revolution. *hint* both initials are DDR). Rooster also got me into signing up for Yahoo Messenger because it was supposedly better. The Master of Thumbs Ups was too long of a user-name so created the Yahoo name, Thumbs_Up_Master.

Rooster also introduced me to GameSpot. I signed up under the name “edgemeister” inspired from a line in Edge’s biography, “It wasn’t the ‘ol edgemiester had gold around his waist again.” I posted at the WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the pain board, Super Smash Bros. Melee Board (biggest flame-fest ever!), and GTA Legends.

I didn’t like the e-mail address anymore because I was slowly drifting away from the WWE. I created another e-mail address, [not telling] because 75 was my favorite number at the time. I decided to create another [e-mail address] with my soul number, 57, which is ironically 75 in reverse. I still kept “edgemeister at GameSpot until I decided to create another account – ThumbsUpMaster.

I used ThumbsUpMaster for almost every website I register at now. YouTube,, Spiral Mountain, etc.

So there it is. The history of my user-names. Now I don’t have to bring up the same story over and over again.

PS: I’m known as j-zero at Putfile and I’m occasionally edgehead or T-Up-M.

PSS: This blog may be updated if I remember some other parts.

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