The Life of a Gamespotter (GTA Legends)

Just yesterday, The GTA Legends Union became Endorsed by the GameSpot Staff and will be recognized throughout the GameSpot and Grand Theft Auto community for our overwhelming efforts and dedication to the Grand Theft Auto community and our peers.

2005 – Joining: I would have never guessed this when GTA Legends was first founded by Appaloosa and Rooster. The date was May 27th, 2005 when GTA Legends was born. Around that time, I was in a play for school, which was really embarrassing. It was a very stressful week for me. Rooster told me about this “clan” he was making at To relieve my stress, I signed up with the name edgemeister on May 26th, 2005 and joined GTA Legends the next day.

2005 – Difficult Start: It was a fresh start but it was hard competing with two other GTA Unions that were created before us, The Grand Theft Auto Union and the San Andreas Union. I, myself, didn’t really care about the union’s level or posts but I felt the concern from our veteran officers and Appalo about the possibility of this union failing. Appalo was forced to change the union name to “The GTA Legends and General Discussion Union” because of the lack of GTA discussion and inactivity.

2005 – Merging?: GameSpot’s number one GTA Union at the time, The Grand Theft Auto Union, ran by The_Gamester, proposed that GTA Legends, being a small union with little activity, should merge with their union to make one big GTA Union to, quote, “end the bloody union war.” That would mean Appalo would have to delete his union and have all GTA Legends’ members join The Grand Theft Auto union. We decided not to because that just proved The_Gamester was power hungry and didn’t want any, quote, “competition.” We got comment’s such as “F*** the GTA Legends” and “GTA Legends Union sucks a**” during that whole merging dilemma. It soon died down and we, the members, stayed true to GTA Legends.

2005 – New Members: A lot of members started to join. HamsterLV, PS2player9X99, and Jacquie668 (the creator of the union tags we still use today) are some I can remember. Rooster became MIA. I created a new account, ThumbsUpMaster.

2005 – The Drought: GameSpot went under this redesign phase. The forums were down for nearly a month. When they were back up again, not many members liked it and left. The Grand Theft Auto Union, once a prosperous place and an active community, was now a graveyard of what could have been. This was GTA Legends’ time to rise. On November 22nd, 2005, GTA Legends became GameSpot’s official number one Grand Theft Auto union.

2005 – New Year Goals: Appalo created new year goals for GTA Legends. We would try to meet the requirements of his goals by the new year, 2006. This is when I realized that these people really cared about this union.. and I was going to help them back. I invited every GTA fan I can find, created new topics, and updated our status daily. In the end, we didn’t meet all requirements but it was still an accomplishment.

2005 – The Dream:
Dec 4, 2005 11:30 pm PT

ThumbsUpMaster wrote:
Man… I want to get our union endorsed by GameSpot. I mean, think about it. GTA is a BIG game. San Andreas was voted Editors Choice by the GameSpot why not an endorsed union about the video game LEGEND itself, Grand Theft Auto. If we believe and actually discuss the past, present, and future about GTA, that might just happen. Lets get our level up and try to acomplish our 06 goals! I really want this to happen!


2006 – Temporary Leader: Appalo stepped down as leader status because GameSpot wrongfully banned him. He made a new account with a similar name and made me a temporary leader. It was a difficult time because one of our members at that time, firedupemblem, went on a rampage throughout his unions by deleting topics and spamming. He threatened GTA Legends would be next. Before Appalo was banned, he kicked firedupemblem from the union. In time, VinceL finally replied to Appalo’s e-mails, unbanned him, and he became leader again.

During my leadership, I demoted inactive members and promoted a few active members. I also changed “The GTA Legends and General Discussion Union” back to “The GTA Legends Union.”

2006 – The Absence: I quit GTA Legends. There’s was a lot of thing happening in my life, including grades and this video project I had to do for school (which was a huge turning point in my life if you read my Life as a YouTube blog). Many friends left, like migueloventura, The_Blessed_One, and dave_the_hunter (a.k.a. Vampiro_Hunt3r) but that only left room for new friends. When I was gone, activity fell. I couldn’t let this happen… Appalo cared a lot for GTA Legends.. I couldn’t forget all about that just because of my personal needs. I decided to come back. I was going to help. I was going to finish the dream I started.

2006 – The Innovation: We made some new friends such as axel360, Raeget, and Izzae7. We spurred a lot of new and creative ideas such as a Respect System which keeps tracks on our members’ activity, a Recruitment Video, and many others. GTA Legends became active as ever. Some people came, some people went, but we’re still a well organized union with a lot of new members joining. Our mission, prove to the GameSpot forums that Grand Theft Auto fans aren’t annoying little fanboys that think Nintendo is kiddy; to become “the” Grand Theft Auto union of the community.

2007 – A New Year: January 1st, 2007 was like a whole new beginning for us. Gmex created a new banner for us (as a sign of a Brand New Start). We reached over 1,000 members. Rooster finally came back. Sirtrashman of DeviantART (creator of the infamous fake GTA IV box art) joined. (sign of GTA Legends getting more recognition). Members helped out a lot, more than before. This was the community that we hoped for.

2007 – GameSpot Endorsement: My dream was finally realized. GTA Legends became GameSpot Endorsed. My heart rushed with excitement. I felt like calling Rooster but I couldn’t move.. time came to a complete halt.. this felt so unreal. I overcame a lot during my time with GameSpot. We overthrew the possibilities of merging. We survived the drought. We made new friends. We thought of new innovative ideas. We overcame the wannabes. We fulfilled our dream. We became GameSpot Endorsed.

Imagine the ending of Cats Don’t Dance. That’s how I felt. Lol. Bad analogy but whatever.

A huge thank you the community for making this possible and thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Expect a lot of new and innovative ideas to come to GTA Legends in the future.

– JO

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