Huge thanks to Kotaku for this. Chrono Trigger, one of, if not, my all-time favorite game, was planned to have a 3D remake but production was stopped back in 2004 by Square. It was fan-made so legal actions were obviously going to happen. I just hope Square watches this video. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll consider making a 3D remake. Or maybe the memories of that old SNES cartridge that I’ll never see again are better left in past.

My reaction when watching the video was heart-breaking. The credits music almost put a tear to my eye. The intro was really well made but I was confused why Crono’s mother wasn’t present. A letter from Frog was on Crono’s door before Crono travels to 600 AD, which was odd. Hopefully this was only beta because I would hate a Crono game, fan-made or not, that screws around with the main story and calls it a remake. There is also a radio (were radios around back then?) on his desk which you can play music from apparently. Pretty neat. And boy, is that walk goofy.

After going downstairs, for some strange reason, Crono enters a time gate and is sent to 600 AD with Frog at Zenan Bridge. Frog then speaks to Crono like they’re high school buddies. “Hey dude, like after school, let’s travel in time to 600 AD and fight Magus’s army!” Ok, anyway, Magus’s army is attacking on Zenan Bridge. The first hoard of enemies are three Green Imps. There are no sound effects like sword slashes in battle or an indication of how much damage you did. I’m going to take a wild guess and say the game wasn’t polished enough before production was canceled.

damn. This would have been awesome. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ve been looking for some innovative rhythm games (aka not Guitar Hero) and I stumbled upon a game for the PSP called Patapon. After watching some gameplay videos, I was amazed. The concept looks really neat and I look forward to playing it soon. It releases on the 26th of this month, if I recall correctly, and will retail for about $20. The game is said to be about 12 hours long minus side-quests and different difficulties. There’s no multiplayer but I don’t think it matters since my friends don’t play these kind of games. You begin to realize that once you play Elite Beat Agents multiplayer by yourself.

I have a good reason behind my recent YouTube inactivity. The video I’m currently working on, Subliminal Sequel (because Subliminal Stop n Swop 2 sounds repetitive) will be over 10 minutes long. I’m estimating it will be around the 15 minute range which is twice as much as Subliminal Stop n Swop. Subliminal Stop n Swop is about 8 minutes long but is really 6 because the epilogue and credits take up the last 2 minutes of the video, along with the short bonus scene. Point is, Subliminal Sequel may be my longest video yet…. and I can’t wait ’till I finish it…

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