The Rise of the Rhythm Genre (for me, anyway)

DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution was the first Rhythm Action game I played. It was around Summer of 2005. Rooster introduced me to it at our town teen center. I was a noob at the time. I barely beat a Light song and I was working my way up to standard. Sandstorm was my first song.

I later bought DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution because it was the best in the series, in my opinion. I bought it with a 3rd party Dance Mat, which was very slippery so I couldn’t improve from there.

Christmas that year, I asked for a new Dance Mat. But instead, out of surprise, my parents bought me Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 bundled w/ a Dance Mat. Funny thing is, I didn’t even ask for the game (because I didn’t like Konami’s song choices) but it turned out to be my favorite gift.

In 2006, a new year, I was getting better. I could now play a Standard song x2 and beat a few heavy songs. Rooster said he wasn’t playing DDR anymore and gave me his copy of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. I tried to turn down the offer but he kept insisting.

Later that year, I bought DDRMAX and DDRMAX2 7th Mix (imported).

Here’s a game I was hyping all year, along with Dance Dance Revolution Universe, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA. There’s so many versions, I know! But they’re fun games, I can’t resist! I’m still trying to unlock all songs.

I love this game so much… words cannot describe it. Play it and you might know what I mean… unless your some editor for Game Informer.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe – the reason why I chose to rebuy my Xbox 360. Two days after selling it back, this game was announced for an October 2006 release. I waited… delayed till November… so I waited…delayed till Winter 2006… so I waited… delayed till Janurary 27th 2007… so I’m waiting… GameSpot has it under a March 27th release and Konami/Amazon have it as Feburary 27th. No matter when it comes out, I have my money ready; my DDR Universe saving. I need a lot of cash if I want to buy it bundled with a Dance Mat and MS Point Cards for Song Packs. The song packs will be very essential for me because I never owned an Xbox thus I never owned any Ultramix games.

So Acclaim has this beta, ready for download at their website, for a StepMania-like MMO game simply called Dance!. I played the beta, and it’s a fun game. Konami should learn a few things from this game.

Konami recently announced a new DDR-title for the Wii called Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party. You plug in a dance mat to the GameCube controller ports, I assume, and use the Wiimote as an extra arrow. Check out the videos and articles at IGN if you’re interested. This is definetly a must have because I was hoping, and making jokes, of a DDR game for the “Revolution”. Dance Dance Revolution Revolution anyone? … yeah I’m not very good…

Every single Wii title – Believe it.. any game that requires you to get off your chair and make some kind of body movements is a Rhythm Action Game. Wii Sports, Wii Play, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Super Mario Galaxy, whatever, they’re all rhythm games.

DDR started the “revolution.” The Wii is expanding it.

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