Ok, it’s been nearly a month since I uploaded a new video but bear with me. July has been really hectic so far. During Microsoft’s Press Conference, a few members from Spiral Mountain and I thought it would be a good idea to start the first episode of Spiral Mountain Radio, during that time. It’s much like GTA Legends Radio. Editing took nearly 2 weeks. But what happenned during those 2 weeks didn’t help at all.

First, my third Wii finally comes in. I plug it in, put in Twilight Princess…. the Wii spits out the disc. I put in Wii Sports. Same thing. So now I’m proud to announce that I will be on my forth Wii. Horray Nintendo!

Second, I found out the program I use to record my television, Catalyst Media Center didn’t want to record. Everytime I clicked the record button, my computer will crash forcing me to restart my computer. I tested this on different settings, uninstalled, reinstalled… same result. So I switched accounts over to “user 02” and it successfully recorded. Yeah, wtf. One problem though…. there is no sound (I predicted right!). I’ll look more into this problem later…

Third, my internet service is CRAP. It’ll just randomly shuts off. Just yesterday, I had no internet ALL DAY. I almost died. I’m thinking of switching to something else…

Anyway, it was a pain but Spiral Mountain’s first episode of Spiral Mountain Radio is finally rendered and uploaded. Sorry for the long wait. Editing various 30 minute long audio clips to fit into a 20 hour long podcast is like editing 10 new YouTube videos.

Spiral Mountain Radio Episode 1 (full version)

Spiral Mountain: Top Ten Bosses (YouTube)

More details can be found here.

Now… *checks to do list* …. the summer is still not over.

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