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First, I’d like to say thank you to those you viewed/commented on my two recent videos, my GTA Legends Recruitment Video and Subliminal Stop n Swop. The comments were great on both videos… but Rated E?’s weren’t so great. But that’s to be expected from people who don’t take the time to look to the right of the video, read the first sentence of the video description, then click “more” for more valuable information that might give them a better understanding of the video and why it was created.

Since the GTA Legends Recruitment video was supposed to be a GameSpot video, I thought, “Meh, what the heck. I’m going to upload the rest of my videos I uploaded to YouTube.” So Rated E?, Cameos, SNS Solved April Fools, and SSNS can also be found at my GameSpot video page. The only video that drastically changed was Rated E?. I had to cut it down to less than ten minutes because I’m not a GameSpot subscriber so I can’t upload +10 minute videos.

The intro’s resolution isn’t that great as the one I uploaded at YouTube. When I recorded the intro, Camstudio’s video quality was set at default, 75%, before I changed it to 100%. YouTube encoded it the intro well but GameSpot made it look worse. The rest of the video looks fine though. To make it from 12 minutes to -10 minutes, I had to leave out some parts that were arguable “not funny” like Canary Mary, Happy Hour, Bathroom Troubles, and A56.

Who remembers when I uploaded video-game playthrough videos? Well, I decided I’m not going to let those go to waste. I created a channel called TTUCgames. It’s basically a video-game playthrough/random videos channel with videos not worthy enough to be uploaded to my original account because like I said before, each video I upload improves from the last video uploaded. Uploading playthroughs would be taking a step back. Plus they’ll flood my channel.

The goal of The Thumbs Up Club Games is to become the ultimate video-game playthrough channel at YouTube. One person isn’t going to do the job so TTUCgames will feature a collaboration of different people uploading videos. The more the merrier! So far, TTUCgames’ members are me, BanjoKatzooie (SM: Dragon_Kazooie), BanjoPaste (SM: Banjo-Paste), and CrimsonCouregess (SM: Einherjar). Members and the games we are playing are listed on the channel’s description. To join, you must be trust-worthy and have a decent screen recorder or tv tuner card. It must record sound. The number one rule of TTUCgames is to have fun! Remember, we play games for fun. If you decided to withdraw from playing, then go ahead. We aren’t forcing you to do anything. TTUCgames is a stress-free zone.

Also, I’d like to announce that “Banjo-Kazooie: Oddities”, a video I mentioned on my previous blog, is now a closed project for “argumentative reasons.” I might upload the rest of it to TTUCgames but, for now, its closed.

YouTube finally answered my prayers! You can now choose your own thumbnail for your video but it’s limited to three selections. 25% in the video, 50% in the video, and 75% in the video. So now I won’t have to deal with black icons anymore. >: (

And, I hate to type this, but… my Wii got faulty… AGAIN! The disc drive/lens makes a buzzing noise like a small vacuum cleaner. This isn’t normal because I plugged another Wii in, same component cables, same tv…. no annoying buzzing noise. You have no idea how annoying that is in Resident Evil 4. The game is quiet at some parts so hearing that buzzing noise just kills the ambiance of an awesome game. So I called Nintendo again and I will be getting another label…again… so I can send it via UPS… again. This is almost as worse as my Playstation 1 breaking down 5 times in the Christmas after I got my Gameboy Color. Oh well.. I will be playing Dead Rising or my N64 later…

Some music news, Puddle of Mudd’s next album, “Famous”, is only 2 weeks away and Alter Bridge, after leaving Wind-up records when they forced them to sing wit Scott Stapp (thank god that didn’t happen!) and poor marketing, Mark Tremonti reported at the ABB.net forums that Alter Bridge finally signed a new deal with Universal Republic Records. Woot!

Finally, we’re so close to E3! I hope Rare showcases Banjo-Kazooie 3. If they don’t then I’m still looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii (maybe), Dead Rising 2 (maybe), DDR Hottest Party, Blue Dragon, GTA IV, SMG, Assassins Creed, and Mercs 2.

PS: I went more link happy than usual in this blog. O_o

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