What’s in the box? Oh, my Wii. >_>

I finally got my Wii back yesterday. This was unexpected because I got an e-mail from Nintendo saying that my Wii will be here in 3-5 business days but it came a few hours after.

The guys at Nintendo are really reliable. I stupidly left my SD card in my broken Wii so I called and asked if they can return it along with my new Wii. They did. They even transferred all my old files so I still have my Miis which are uneditable but I’ll just recreate them later, all data at the Wiis message board so I still have all my game activity recorded from when I first got my Wii, all my game saves, and Mario Kart 64. Nintendo’s tech support is so much for helpful than Microsoft’s.

For games, I tried out Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. RE4 is still as awesome as before. The Wii controls fit perfectly. I like the quick knife slash but they toned it down a bit by making quick slashing home to breakable objects. I let my brother play through a few parts. Afterwards, we played Mario Party 8. The first map is some Donkey Kong Jungle with… dinosaurs?! This Mario Party is more chance driven than the other Mario Party’s I played and it feels more like a GCN game ported to the Wii but it’s still fun. Online is a must for Mario Party 9. I’m going to play Super Paper Mario later. I hope it doesn’t interfere with Paper Mario: TTYD’s storyline but this is Nintendo so chances are it won’t. Pokemon Battle Revolution should also be in my possesion later on today.

New Wii Friend Code: 7494 1777 5233 6999

New videos, notice plural, are expected this week. I suck at planning when something is going to be finished but I can assure you they will be finished this week. Maybe even later today. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Once I finished updating my channel, I’m going to upload my long lost Sonic Adventure 2 and Chrono Trigger playthrough videos here. TTUC Games. I decided to make it a collaborated channel with users other than just me. If anyone wants to upload videos, just PM me. You must be trust worthy. It’s basically going to be a channel with playthroughs but I’m going to upload my random videos, that aren’t worthy enough to be on my original account, onto there like Paper Mario: TTYD Randomness and Resident Evil 4: Stupid AI. This channel was made for fun so if you’re uploading videos, have fun making them! No one is forcing you to do anything.

And that’s it for now. Happy Summer!

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