I went to GameStop to spend the last few cents of my cash. I bought Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, Mario Party 8, and Super Paper Mario. I asked if they still had Conker Live and Reloaded… nope! They had just sold it today. I was very disappointed. But then I looked at the bright side… and there were 3 new Wii games.

Oh yeah, and just this morning I (finally) got the label from Nintendo and I sent my Wii to them via UPS for repair. You’d know what I’m talking about if you read my previous blogs. I should be getting it again soon.. hopefully. My newest games shall remain unopened.

My recent game activity has consisted of Paper Mario: TTYD, Gears of War, and Banjo-Tooie. Paper Mario: TTYD is awesome. I love how Intelligent Systems innovates the genre of any game they touch. Gears… I only play if someone asks.. so, basically, I can live a years without playing it again. The game is fun but it isn’t that great, imo. It needed a longer story.. Maybe Gears 2 will fix all of that. Maybe it will be a quick cash in. Who knows? It’s not showing up at E3. Hmm. Banjo-Tooie is still a great game to go back to after 6-7 years. I’m attempting to beat all bosses again and try to beat my high scores to see if 16 year old JO can beat 10 year old JO.

I’m really pissed off at YouTube at the moment. They removed the categories link from the Video pages. Doesn’t seem like a big deal? Well.. it is. What it means is we can’t browse through ‘Most Viewed (Gadgets and Games)’ or ‘Top Rated (Entertainment)’, etc etc. Not only that, it also prevents people like me from gaining a wider audience. So all these honors I got from before.. they won’t be there anymore. When I uploaded that “Rated E?’ video, it remained on that #6 slot. People who were interested in Gadgets and Games saw it there, watched the video, and if they liked it, they subscribed. But none of that will happen anymore.

YouTube is more about all this ‘YouChoose 08’ Presidential Poll and other commercial crap no one, like me, cares about. I’m attempting to find an alternative website. I’ll still use YouTube though.. I just need to find another host to gain my audience because YouTube sure as hell isn’t helping (anymore). There is Veoh, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, and GameSpot. Virb only allows 15 videos. Any suggestions?

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