6 days later.. I only got one thing done. And that’s all 1 hour and 34 minutes of editing from GTA Legends Radio’s first episode. It felt so unreal once I finished it. It felt like I accomplished the impossible. I didn’t want to let the union down and I didn’t want to let Raeget down because he seemed excited whenever I mentioned I was nearly finished. We’re currently trying to find a proper host and I’m working on the YouTube version of the podcast.

I didn’t get the Recruitment Video finished. I didn’t get the “What is the Respect System” video finished. I didn’t get Banjo-Kazooie Cameos 2 finished. I didn’t get my 2 TBA Projects finished. And I didn’t get Project JJ finished. I feel like I wasted this whole week.. well at least I got one thing finished, right?

Yesterday morning, well.. 1 PM, had to be the most dynamic part of my break. I found my newest edition of GameInformer on my chair and 4 IM screens blinking. The first one was Raeget asking me about the podcast. The second window was one of my friends from Spiral Mountain, LerakoLanche, telling me that we had both been promoted to moderator position. The two other windows were two of my other friends at Spiral Mountain, Dragon_Kazooie and Axel, congratulating me on becoming a moderator.

The rest of that day I worked on editing the podcast. I finally finished late last night. Raeget and I had trouble finding a good host, and we still are. So we’re in the process of find a website other than esnips or YouTube to upload.

Today, I woke up late again and started working on a Wiki for Spiral Mountain hosted by wetpaint. I wrote a few articles and so did many other members. I’m so glad they had the will to contribute to things. It reminded me of our recruits at GTA Legends greeting new members at our Introduction Thread. This internet thing is an awesome experience, don’t let it stress you out, enjoy your time here while it lasts.

My good friend, Appaloosa, resigned from GTA Legends today and made me leader. I know I tried to be silly in the Officer Lounge,(i.e. “Now I have to suffer from 20 messages in my inbox daily. Damn you!), just to try to lighten up your mood. When you and Rooster first created the union, it was a fun experience. It was like running your own website. Rooster created guides, you created helpful topics and kept the community alive. Where was I? Posting at the WWE boards at GameFAQs, running a union about interpreting dreams, and not worrying about GTA Legends like I am today.

That all changed when I noticed the community falling apart after GameSpot’s redesign phase. Boards were slowly getting inactive. But you, Appa, were still willing to keep the union alive. Then it hit me. These people that I didn’t know what they’re name was, where they’re from, what their age was, all shared a dream. You posted a news article about your goals you wanted to reach before 2006 begins. I tried by best to help you accomplish them. We only completed 2 out of the 4 goals but we were still successful as a union.

Then 2006 began. People came, people went, but we still stayed strong. On Feburary 20th, 2007, we became endorsed by the GameSpot editorial staff. This was a dream realized from long ago, and we finally accomplished it. This would have never happened if it wasn’t for your determination.

Now that your going to be a bit more inactive, and possibly leave, I’m left to say, thank you. Thank you for your determination and thank you for making me realize the community was important. But most importantly, thank you for being a friend. This is, yet, another closed chapter in the ever-longing story of GTA Legends.

The next chapter begins now.

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