The Worst Controller Ever: A Review of Yobo’s N64 Attempt

Yobo, if you see that branding, avoid it at all costs, because you never know what they will make next. They suck! I bought a NEW Nintendo 64 controller made by Yobo on eBay and it was as bad as people say they are, except the controller they reviewed was shaped more like the original. I bought one that was shaped differently, like any other third party controller, but I was wrong – it had the same problems. So, let’s go over all the bad parts about it before I nitpick.

One, the control stick is awful. Some say it’s the most important part of an N64 controller, but this part was neglected like the L button. As soon as I moved it around, I heard clicking sounds. That’s because the control stick’s outer circle is shaped like a hexagon, meaning if you are a character or car moving forward in a game, the controls will spaz out. The deadzone is strict in movement. If you move up, it will move right, and when you move left, it will move up. Instead of precise movements, you get something very clunky, like quick movements from one point to the next instead of slow, smooth movements. You can’t move slowly, like tip toe or even choose an option on a menu. If you tilt the stick up slightly, nothing happens. In fact, if you move the control stick up all the way, it moves in a quick motion, way too fast. I don’t know if this is too sensitive, since nothing happens when you move it slightly, so to me, it’s its own version of bad. Yobo bad.

Second, plugging it in and out is like performing surgery. I have to jam the controller input into the console’s socket, and I don’t plan on lubing it. I’m afraid I’m going to break something in my console whenever I plug it in. And in order to unplug it, I need to hold onto the console because it gets stuck like someone super-glued it. I never want to use it again.

Last are my nitpicks. The shape of the handles are too small. The buttons feels too plasticy. The packaging is too shady (X-Shock Memory?). And the start button is too small. Yobo is beyond the after market. They’re at the edge of downtown. Third party controllers, like Mad Catz, are heavenly compared to this waste of earthly material. The only thing I’m impressed about is how they can even make controllers. It almost makes me want to make my own!

That’s it. I rate YOBO a ZERO out of NOTHING.