YouTube has been undergoing some changes, most noticeable, video players can now display widescreen (16:9) and high definition (720×1080) videos, which I might be taking advantage of in my future videos. Reason being, widescreen just looks nicer when working on Banjo-Kazooie machinimas. I uploaded a short, 3 second test video. There is far more range on the left and right side since text bubbles will remain the same size. I consider this the next big step… TTUC HD has a nice ring to it.

Another thing that has changed is YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube will now be more strict on “sexually suggestive” videos, which in turn, YouTube will prohibit these videos from appearing on the main Videos page. I’ve never had my videos flagged before (and I’m surprised they haven’t been), but if one of my future videos is flagged due to a harmless little sex-related gag, I will be pissed..

Thumbnails, the attractive little pictures that represent our video, will not be selected by the 25/50/75 points in a video. Instead, they will be selected by… hell, I don’t even know. “Algorithmically selected” is so vague. I guess this is too prevent desperate people from getting thousands of views on a mediocre video because they have boobs as big as their head as their middle thumbnail. I never did anything like that, instead, I got the exact opposite. Before, I’d always get a crappy thumbnail like something completely black. After my RareWare Tribute and Rated E?, I started to plan my middle thumbnail carefully, by not adding in boobs as big as my head, but by planing things out in a certain order while editing a video in order to have a reasonable thumbnail, which was a pain. With this new “YouTube choosing thumbnail” system, I don’t have to worry so much about thumbnails while editing… So far, a really good one was chosen for my An Eiffel of Banjo – Revised video (better than what was 50% in the video). I hope YouTube keeps it up with these good thumbnail selections.

And finally, YouTube is now controlling the descriptions and tags in our videos. The view count whores that mis-tag their videos for fun will need to move to Dailymotion or LiveVideo. This doesn’t bother me much, since I never did any of that, but it ruins the fun for other people. Well, those days are over. Welcome to CorporationTube, Broadcast your TV shows and music videos and sayonara to the fun, goofy YouTube of before. You will be missed.

As long as I have fun while editing and a BlogSpot, I think I’ll do fine.

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