A few hours ago, one of my friends at Spiral Mountain and YouTube, Mewtwo40, informed me that YouTube replaced the ‘Gadgets and Games’ category with ‘Entertainment.’ I was ok with the ‘Video Games’ category being replaced with ‘Gadgets and Games’ but ‘Entertainment’?

YouTube, what about the gamers? This is regarding all gamers who browse YouTube, from the one’s who make their own original videos to the ones that film their own playthroughs to the ones that are casual browsers who want to look for the latest Halo 3 footage. Video game related videos will no longer get noticed. Now where does that leave us? A site filled with commercial crap like YouChoose 08 and Oprah. Yes, Oprah bought a channel at YouTube which brings me to my next topic.

Yesterday, the co-founder at Spiral Mountain, aka Luke, and I were talking about how YouTube is going commercial and will eventually end up like television. Corporations are using YouTube to advertise their TV shows thus completely contradicting YouTube’s tagline “broadcast yourself.” YouTube is ranked #1 on Alexa excluding search engines so I can see why the big guys are taking over but the sad thing is YouTube is allowing it.

I’ve now lost all respect to YouTube. Not only because YouTube replaced the ‘Gadgets and Games’ category where people like me will be overthrown by ‘Entertainment’ videos but because they’re allowing big name companies who use auto-refreshers and ghost accounts to upload videos.

This doesn’t come to much of a surprise. I knew something like this would happen sometime in the future, something that will make me completely lose respect to the site. It was only just a matter of time until it happened. This won’t affect my videos in any way or stop me from uploading videos at YouTube, since YouTube is where my fan base started. I’m simply going to move on and start over at another site with less P. Diddys and Oprahs. I’m not 100% sure which site I should go to. I’ve been reviewing video sites for about 3 months now and I may have found the right place. Hopefully my plan will carry out like I hope it would.


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